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SNP array analysis of lung cancer NCI-H1395, diluted to different tumor cell concentrations
4 Anders Isaksson Sep 09, 2011
Relapse versus diagnostic acute myeloid leukaemia samples analysed using Affymetrix 10K SNP array
54 Manoj Raghavan May 01, 2008
Genome-wide detection of recurring sites of uniparental disomy in folicular and transformed follicular lymphoma
61 Jude Fitzgibbon Apr 02, 2007
Frequent Partial Uniparental Disomy Due to Somatic Recombination in Acute Myeloid Leukemias
90 Manoj Raghavan Apr 11, 2007
Mutations in ABHD12 cause the neurodegenerative disease PHARC: An inborn error of endocannabinoid metabolism
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
26 Torunn Fiskerstrand Aug 27, 2010
Prediction of Peripheral neuropathy in multiple myeloma patients receiving Bortezomib and Thalidomide: A Genetic Study based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Array
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
172 Maria Eugenia Alonso Apr 30, 2018
Proteogenomic characterization and comprehensive integrative genomic analysis of human colorectal cancer liver metastasis
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
6 DA FU Dec 27, 2019
Burkitt-like lymphoma with 11q aberration: A germinal center derived lymphoma without ID3-TCF3-CCND3 pathway deregulation
11 Joan Enric Ramiz-Zaldivar Feb 19, 2019
Large B-Cell Lymphomas in Pediatric and Young Adults Display Clinically Relevant Molecular Features Distinguishable from Adult Counterparts
79 Joan Enric Ramiz-Zaldivar Nov 28, 2019
Genome-wide association analysis and genome resequencing reveal a genomic duplication possibly concerning a novel chicken comb morphology
36 Wei Luo Dec 31, 2023
Characterization of Mutational Status, Spheroid Formation, and Drug Response of a New Genomically-Stable Human Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma Cell Line, 105C
7 Bart Kolendowski Nov 01, 2020
The molecular hallmarks of primary and secondary vitreoretinal lymphoma
7 Joan Enric Ramiz-Zaldivar Jul 19, 2022
Global genetic profiling of a pediatric series of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma [Cytoscan]
23 Joan Enric Ramiz-Zaldivar Jun 05, 2023
Affymetrix SNP array data for two parents and their 326 progenies and other 143 registered tea cultivars
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
475 Liu-Bin Wang Mar 09, 2022
Unravelling the heterogeneous molecular landscape of pediatric post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders
26 Itziar Salaverria Dec 19, 2023
Pancreatic cancer_Affymetrix 100K SNP arrays
56 Tomohiko Harada Oct 22, 2007
Imatinib targeting of KIT-mutant oncoprotein in melanoma
7 Stephen Hodi Dec 24, 2008
Genotyping data from 120 trios with unexplained mental retardation
617 Joris Andre Veltman Apr 01, 2009
Genetic analysis of ancestry, admixture, and selection in Bolivian and Totonac populations of the New World
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
47 Scott Watkins Jun 09, 2011
Patterns of somatic uniparental disomy identify novel tumor suppressor genes in colorectal cancer
60 Jordi Camps Sep 02, 2015