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Burkitt-like lymphoma with 11q aberration: A germinal center derived lymphoma without ID3-TCF3-CCND3 pathway deregulation
11 Joan Enric Ramiz-Zaldivar Feb 19, 2019
Large B-Cell Lymphomas in Pediatric and Young Adults Display Clinically Relevant Molecular Features Distinguishable from Adult Counterparts
79 Joan Enric Ramiz-Zaldivar Nov 28, 2019
Unravelling the heterogeneous molecular landscape of pediatric post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders
26 Itziar Salaverria Dec 19, 2023
The genetic architecture of breast papillary lesions as a predictor of progression to carcinoma
16 TANJINA KADER Jan 29, 2020
BRCAness and Merkel cell carcinoma: Comprehensive molecular study of 35 cases and meta-analysis of the literature
33 Thibault FABAS Aug 06, 2022
Oncoscan for HER2 copy number assessment
29 Doris Johanna Steinemann Jul 01, 2016
Oncoscan for subclonal analysis in a lobular breast cancer with classical and solid growth pattern mimicking a solid-papillary carcinoma
3 Doris Steinemann Feb 09, 2017
OncoScan analysis of breast carcinomas from the Swedish haemangioma cohort
31 Jana Biermann Apr 12, 2019
Affymetrix CytoScan HD and OncoScan array data for malignant melanoma samples
38 Laura Vizkeleti Dec 15, 2021
Hepatoblastomas with carcinoma features represent a biological spectrum of aggressive neoplasms in children and young adults II
38 Pavel Sumazin Sep 24, 2022