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Relapse versus diagnostic acute myeloid leukaemia samples analysed using Affymetrix 10K SNP array
54 Manoj Raghavan May 01, 2008
Genome-wide detection of recurring sites of uniparental disomy in folicular and transformed follicular lymphoma
61 Jude Fitzgibbon Apr 02, 2007
Frequent Partial Uniparental Disomy Due to Somatic Recombination in Acute Myeloid Leukemias
90 Manoj Raghavan Apr 11, 2007
Mutations in ABHD12 cause the neurodegenerative disease PHARC: An inborn error of endocannabinoid metabolism
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
26 Torunn Fiskerstrand Aug 27, 2010