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Cervical carcinoma-associated fibroblasts are DNA diploid and do not show evidence for somatic genetic alterations
121 Jan Oosting Nov 08, 2011
Genome Haploidisation with Chromosome 7 Retention in Oncocytic Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma
55 Jan Oosting Aug 29, 2012
Cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas and actinic keratoses from organ transplant recipients
94 Harry Vrieling Feb 06, 2013
Genomic landscape of copy number aberrations enables the identification of oncogenic drivers in hepatocellular carcinoma
602 Kai Wang May 22, 2013
eQTL Analysis Identifies Novel Associations Between Genotype and Gene Expression in the Human Intestine (Illumina SNP)
173 Boyko Kabakchiev Dec 01, 2012
SNP and expression data from human induced Pluripotent Stem cells derived from normal human dermal fibroblasts
7 Sally A Cowley Jan 31, 2013
Primary uveal melanoma cells, normal uveal melanocytes, neural crest stem cells, embryonic stem cells and uveal melanoma cell lines
189 Li Zhang Feb 14, 2013
SNP and expression data from human induced Pluripotent Stem cells derived from OX1 normal human dermal fibroblasts.
7 Sally A Cowley Mar 26, 2013
Structural genomic variation analysis in patients with bone marrow failure using Illumina Infinium SNP Arrays
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
122 Daria Babushok Jan 01, 2014
SNP data from 45 adrenocortical carcinomas
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
45 Nabila Elarouci Apr 29, 2014
Head and neck paragangliomas
72 Renato Mariani-Costantini Aug 21, 2013
Recurrent inactivation of STAG2 in bladder cancer is not associated with aneuploidy
51 Enrique Carrillo de Santa Pau Oct 24, 2013
The impact of a drug transporter ABCG2 haplotype in molecular response of chronic myelogenous leukemia patients is modulated by imatinib dose
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
355 Marc Delord Jun 30, 2014
Genome-wide analysis of heritable dog osteosarcoma in 3 breeds
  • SNP genotyping by SNP array
570 Elinor Karlsson Nov 12, 2013
Epigenetic and transcriptional aberrations in human pluripotent stem cells reflect differences in reprogramming mechanisms
56 Robert E Morey Jul 08, 2014
Gene expression and genotype data from human fibroblasts and induced Pluripotent Stem cells from Parkinson's Disease patients
14 Sally A Cowley Dec 18, 2013
The effect of genotype and in utero environment on inter-individual variation in neonate DNA methylomes
474 Dennis Wang Apr 02, 2014
Genome-wide identification of expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) in human heart
258 Michiel Emanuel Adriaens May 21, 2014
Using RNA sequencing for identifying gene imprinting and random monoallelic expression in human placenta
40 Tauno Metsalu Sep 01, 2014
Increased Risk of Genetic and Epigenetic Instability in Human Embryonic Stem Cells Associated with Specific Culture Conditions
192 Francesca Boscolo Mar 29, 2015