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mRNP-mRNA Association Map (Tier I - G10, HuR, Imp, PABP)
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33 Sridar V Chittur Jan 24, 2009
Muscleblind-Like 2 mediated alternative splicing in the developing bain by mRNA sequencing
9 Ranjan Batra Aug 16, 2012
Determination of the spatial organization of the FXN gene locus by using Chromosome Conformation Capture technique coupled with High-throughtput sequencing (3C-seq).
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5 Sanjay Padmakar Khadayate Dec 16, 2013
Cis Regulatory Element Scan by Tiling-deletion and Sequencing
23 Bing Ren Apr 17, 2017
Chronic Cigarette Smoke-Induced Epigenomic, gene expression and chromatin changes in Bronchial Epithelial Cells
86 Hariharan Easwaran Oct 21, 2017
eIF1A residues implicated in cancer stabilize translation preinitiation complexes and favor suboptimal initiation sites in yeast
48 Jon R. Lorsch Dec 21, 2017
Pioneer factor-nucleosome binding events during differentiation are motif-encoded
109 Jorja Henikoff Jun 25, 2019
Simple and efficient measurement of transcription initiation and transcript levels with STRIPE-seq
24 Gabriel E Zentner Jan 13, 2020
Multifactorial chromatin regulatory landscapes at single cell resolution
171 Jorja Henikoff Sep 14, 2022
Profiling RNA at chromatin targets in situ by antibody-targeted tagmentation.
95 Jorja Henikoff Jul 18, 2022
Transcription factor paralogs orchestrate alternative gene regulatory networks by context-dependent cooperation with multiple cofactors
61 Siqian Feng May 23, 2022
Refined detection and phasing of structural aberrations in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia by linked-read whole genome sequencing
21 Yanara Marincevic-Zuniga Mar 02, 2020
BAR-Seq to study history-dependent behavior
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30 Abbas Jariani Jul 03, 2018
Peptide design by optimization on a data-parameterized protein interaction landscape
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3 Amy E Keating Oct 01, 2018
Next-generation interaction screening to discover protein-protein interactions regulating barley powdery mildew disease immunity and susceptibility.
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64 Gregory Fuerst May 13, 2021
Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of purified MAIT and Vdelta2 (Vd2) subset of gamma delta T cells in allo-HCT patients and healthy controls
4 Anastasia I Kousa Oct 24, 2022
Myelin-Associated Oligodendrocytic Basic Protein-Dependent Myelin Repair Confers the Long-lasting Antidepressant Effect of Ketamine
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4 Chaoli Huang Oct 12, 2023
Genomic and Transcriptional Characterisation of Carbapenem and Colistin Resistance Mechanisms in Klebsiella pneumoniae
22 John Osei Sekyere Nov 07, 2022
Precision genome editing using synthesis-dependent repair of Cas9-induced DNA breaks
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5 Daniel Goldman Dec 01, 2017
Deletion of DXZ4 on the human inactive X chromosome eliminates superdomains and impairs gene silencing
101 Miriam Huntley Jul 19, 2016