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Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Encodes Circular RNAs (circRNAs) Enabling a Dynamic circRNA/microRNA/mRNA Regulatory Network
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4 Bizunesh Abere Dec 07, 2020
WWOX gene and estrogen receptor interplay in breast cancer
30 Andrzej K. Bednarek Dec 07, 2020
Dual targeting of DDX3 and eIF4A by the translation inhibitor rocaglamide A [Bind-n-Seq]
  • Other
7 Mingming Chen Dec 07, 2020
Defining a critical Nanog enhancer using chromatin-focused approaches identifies RNAPII recruitment as required for expression [CUT&Tag]
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6 Sridhar Rao Dec 07, 2020
Tumor-infiltrating mast cells are associated with resistance to anti-PD-1 therapy. [TCR]
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4 Priyankara J Wickramasinghe Dec 07, 2020