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Impaired DNA demethylation of C/EBP sites causes premature aging
58 Emil Karaulanov Jun 11, 2018
Dietary palmitic acid promotes a prometastatic epigenetic memory related to tumor innervation
1134 Antoni Berenguer-LLergo Nov 16, 2021
Global analysis of the nuclear processing of unspliced U12-type introns by the exosome
6 Marco Savarese May 26, 2014
LED, a long non-coding RNA activator of enhancer RNAs, is hypermethylated in human cancers
21 Koos Rooijers Mar 24, 2015
Transcriptome wide identification of Dicer binding in human and C. elegans reveals a variety of substrates
34 Marvin Jens Nov 20, 2014
Human DIS3 shapes the RNA polymerase II transcriptome degrading variety of unwanted transcripts.
17 Andrzej Dziembowski Aug 20, 2015
Deletion of DXZ4 on the human inactive X chromosome eliminates superdomains and impairs gene silencing
101 Miriam Huntley Jul 19, 2016
SMARCA4 regulates gene expression and higher-order chromatin structure in proliferating mammary epithelial cells
12 Rasim Barutcu Jun 02, 2016
RUNX1 contributes to higher-order chromatin organization and gene regulation in breast cancer cells.
14 Rasim Barutcu Aug 23, 2016
Phytophthora infestans Ago1 binds miRNA and sRNAs from effector genes and transposable elements
13 Anna Åsman Mar 17, 2016
m6A controls neurogenesis and sex determination in Drosophila via its nuclear reader protein YT521-B
43 Jean-Yves Roignant Dec 07, 2016
The Glioma-Infiltrating T Cell Receptor Repertoire
75 Peter A Sims May 18, 2016
High throughput characterization of the m6A demethylase FTO by CLIP and RNAseq
12 Marek Bartosovic Aug 25, 2017
3D structures of individual mammalian genomes reveal principles of nuclear organization
42 Andre J Faure Mar 07, 2017
Spatial proximity to fibroblasts impacts molecular features and therapeutic sensitivity of breast cancer cells influencing clinical outcomes
23 Muhammad B Ekram Sep 28, 2016
Translational profiling of B cells infected with the Epstein-Barr virus reveals 5’ leader ribosome recruitment through upstream open reading frames
13 Henri-Jacques Delecluse Dec 29, 2017
Post-transcriptional 3’UTR cleavage of mRNA transcripts generates thousands of stable uncapped autonomous RNA fragments
36 Tommy Kaplan Nov 20, 2017
Epigenetic restriction of embryonic and extraembryonic lineages mirrors the somatic transition to cancer
200 Jiantao Shi Sep 18, 2017
TSS-EMOTE, a refined protocol for a more complete and less biased global mapping of transcription start sites in bacterial pathogens.
30 Julien Prados Oct 15, 2016
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase sequence specificities of capsnatching viruses are tailored to aid viral replication
51 Romain Fenouil Aug 09, 2017