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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterOther Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterJun 01, 2020
Age-resolved ribosome profiling and RNA-Seq data of mice liver and kidney samples
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56 Aleksandra S Anisimova Jun 01, 2020
Systematic identification of factors bound to isolated metaphase ESC chromosomes reveals a role for chromatin repressors in compaction
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  • Link icon Mus musculus
2 Ya Guo Jun 01, 2020
Genome-wide analyses of chromatin interactions after the loss of Pol I, Pol II and Pol III
  • Link icon Mus musculus
85 Xiong Ji Jun 01, 2020
Multi-model preclinical platform predicts clinical response of melanoma to immunotherapy
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54 Maxwell Lee Jun 01, 2020
Recording of DNA binding events during gut commensalism reveals the action of a repurposed Candida albicans regulatory network
64 Suzanne M Noble Jun 01, 2020
Ribosome profiling and RNA-seq of Fragile X mouse brain cortex
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16 Huan Raya Shu Jun 01, 2020