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A maternal-effect Padi6 variant causes nuclear and cytoplasmic abnormalities in oocytes as well 2 as failure of epigenetic reprogramming and zygotic genome activation in embryos
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193 Francesco Cecere Oct 18, 2023
AMAR-seq: automated multimodal sequencing of DNA methylation, chromatin accessibility, and RNA expression with single-cell resolution
83 Xi Zeng Mar 21, 2024
Age-associated cryptic transcription in mammalian stem cells is linked to permissive chromatin at cryptic promoters
52 Weiwei Dang Jul 15, 2021
DeepH&M: Simultaneous determination of single-CpG hydroxymethylation and methylation levels from enrichment and restriction enzyme sequencing methods
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24 Daofeng Li Sep 10, 2020
Durable and efficient gene silencing in vivo by hit-and-run epigenome editing
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121 Sara Valsoni Dec 20, 2023
Enhancer-associated H3K4 methylation safeguards in vitro germline competence
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118 Alvaro Rada-Iglesias Jul 27, 2020
Histone methyltransferase SETDB1 silenced SINE B2 retrotransposons and maintained mitotic cell cycle of neural progenitor cells
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22 Yan Jiang Jun 01, 2024
TET proteins regulate T cell and iNKT cell lineage specification in a TET2 catalytic dependent manner [CATCH-SEQ]
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Tarmo Äijö Jul 15, 2022
TET proteins regulate T cell and iNKT cell lineage specification in a TET2 catalytic dependent manner.
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21 Tarmo Äijö Jul 15, 2022
The ETS Transcription Factor ERF Controls the Exit from the Embryonic Rosette-stage of Pluripotency.
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91 Desiree Tillo Aug 06, 2021
The chemical reprogramming of unipotent adult germ cells towards authentic pluripotency and de novo establishment of imprinting
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145 Jiansen Lu Feb 07, 2023
The role of Vitamin C and TET dioxygenases in genome-wide features of regulatory T cells [CMS-IP]
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16 Anjana Rao Jul 21, 2021
Uncoupling histone H3K4 trimethylation from developmental gene expression via an epigenetic equilibrium of Polycomb, COMPASS and DNA methylation
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128 Ali Shilatifard Mar 17, 2020