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Sequential and directional insulation by conserved CTCF sites underlies the Hox timer in stembryos
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170 Lucille Lopez-Delisle Apr 28, 2023
3D chromosome structure reveals unique signatures involved in mouse female germline stem cells and their development
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11 Ji Wu Jan 20, 2022
3D genome structures of single differentiating mouse ES cells reveal a unique reorganisation of chromatin in the formative state
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101 David Lando Jan 19, 2024
A SOX2 engineered epigenetic silencer factor represses the glioblastoma genetic program
41 Luca Massimino Aug 10, 2022
A TAD boundary at the HoxD locus segregates opposing limb regulatory landscapes and their target genes
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91 Eddie Rodríguez-Carballo Dec 22, 2017
A long noncoding RNA lincRNA-EPS acts as a transcriptional brake to restrain inflammation
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12 Howard Chang May 08, 2016
A multi-step transcriptional and chromatin cascade underlies motor neuron programming (ATAC-Seq)
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4 Shaun Mahony Dec 07, 2016
A non-coding single nucleotide polymorphism at 8q24 drives IDH1-mutant glioma formation
24 Daniel Schramek Sep 12, 2022
A novel CRISPR/Cas9 screening platform identifies an IRF1-SOCS1-mediated negative feedback loop that limits CXCL9 expression and anti-tumor immunity
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Kevin C sek Jul 22, 2023
A pleiotropic hypoxia-sensitive EPAS1 enhancer is disrupted by adaptive alleles in Tibetans
67 Anna Di Rienzo Nov 28, 2022
A primed immune transcriptional program is activated in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis [Cut&Run IFNgvsCtr]
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21 Eneritz Agirre Jan 28, 2022
A role for the GATA transcription factor family in X-chromosome inactivation as direct potent Xist activators
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Till Schwämmle Jan 26, 2022
A tissue checkpoint regulates type 2 immunity
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15 Rachel Gate Oct 17, 2016
ATACseq, CutnRun and RNAseq data from Merkel cell and Touch dome epithelial progenitor cells, from wild type and Pou4f3-mutant epidermis
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14 Neil Segil Jul 09, 2021
ATACseq, CutnRun and RNAseq data from sensory progenitors and hair cells, from wild type and Pou4f3-mutant cochlea
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30 Neil Segil Jul 09, 2021
AgRP neuron epigenomes across hunger states reveal that IRF3 mediates leptin's effects
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46 NORC Boston Apr 12, 2024
Antigen exposure reshapes chromatin architecture in central memory CD8+ T cells and imprints enhanced recall capacity [CUT&RUN]
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Shaoqi Zhu Nov 26, 2023
Autophagy engaging and non-engaging hematopoietic stem cells
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Paul Vincent Dellorusso May 15, 2024
Balanced SET levels favor the correct enhancer repertoire during cell fate acquisition
80 Luca Massimino Sep 12, 2022
Bcor loss perturbs myeloid differentiation and promotes leukaemogenesis
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47 Madison Kelly Feb 07, 2019