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Allelic imbalance sequencing reveals that single-nucleotide polymorphisms frequently alter microRNA-directed repression
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12 Jinkuk Kim Apr 26, 2009
Biochemical Identification of Targets of Individual MicroRNAs in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
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10 Sophie Alexandra Hanina Feb 27, 2010
Diverse endonucleolytic cleavage sites in the mammalian transcriptome depend upon microRNAs, Drosha, and additional nucleases
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Fedor Karginov Jun 25, 2010
Whole Cell Extract for Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts
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1 Richard A Young Jun 15, 2010
Analysis and design of RNA sequencing experiments for identifying mRNA isoform regulation
6 Eric T Wang Nov 07, 2010
Epigenome and transcriptome of naive pluripotent mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells cultured in 2i serum-free medium
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41 Hendrik Marks Apr 27, 2012
FragSeq: transcriptome-wide RNA structure probing using high-throughput sequencing.
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10 Andrew V Uzilov Nov 07, 2010
Genome-wide identification of Ago2 binding sites from mouse embryonic stem cells with and without mature microRNAs
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12 A Bhutkar Jan 10, 2011
Initiation Pausing of 80S Ribosome on mRNA Is Governed by 5'UTR and Responsive to mTORC1 Signaling (RNA-Seq)
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21 Shu-Bing Qian Nov 12, 2011
CTCF-Mediated Functional Chromatin Interactome in Pluripotent Cells
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8 Lusy Handoko Jun 23, 2011
Genome-wide mapping of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in embryonic stem cells
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9 William Abraham Pastor Apr 21, 2011
Ribosome Profiling of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Reveals the Complexity of Mammalian Proteomes
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18 Nicholas T Ingolia Nov 03, 2011
Widespread regulation of translation by elongation pausing in heat shock
15 Reut Shalgi Jan 03, 2013
Genome-wide maps of polyadenylation sites in OPMD-model and control mice
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10 Ran Elkon Apr 15, 2012
Retroviral mutagenesis in haploid ES cells
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2 Ulrich Elling Oct 25, 2011
A draft map of cis-regulatory sequences in the mouse genome [HiC]
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2 Bing Ren Jul 01, 2012
Conserved Topological Domains in Mammalian Genomes Identified by High-resolution Analysis of Chromatin Interactions
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9 Feng Yue Apr 10, 2012
Chromosomal translocations are guided by the spatial organization of the genome
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7 Rachel Patton McCord Feb 16, 2012
Spatial organisation of the X inactivation center
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20 Elphege Pierre Nora Apr 11, 2012
Extrachromosomal microDNAs and chromosomal microdeletions in normal tissues
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10 Anindya Dutta Feb 27, 2012