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Genome-wide identification of Ago2 binding sites from mouse embryonic stem cells with and without mature microRNAs
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12 A Bhutkar Jan 10, 2011
Diverse endonucleolytic cleavage sites in the mammalian transcriptome depend upon microRNAs, Drosha, and additional nucleases
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Fedor Karginov Jun 25, 2010
Analysis and design of RNA sequencing experiments for identifying mRNA isoform regulation
6 Eric T Wang Nov 07, 2010
Epigenome and transcriptome of naive pluripotent mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells cultured in 2i serum-free medium
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41 Hendrik Marks Apr 27, 2012
Ribosome Profiling of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Reveals the Complexity of Mammalian Proteomes
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18 Nicholas T Ingolia Nov 03, 2011
Widespread regulation of translation by elongation pausing in heat shock
15 Reut Shalgi Jan 03, 2013
Transcriptome-wide identification of LIN28A targets in mouse embryonic stem cell (A3-1) [Illumina Seq]
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8 Hyeshik Chang Oct 25, 2012
Muscleblind-Like 2 mediated alternative splicing in the developing bain by mRNA sequencing
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9 Ranjan Batra Aug 16, 2012
Global changes in the nuclear positioning of chromatin domains and genomic interactions that orchestrate B cell fate
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19 Christopher Benner Oct 09, 2012
Cold induced RNA-binding proteins influence alternative polyadenylation
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10 Yuting Liu May 01, 2013
Global analysis of Upf1 in mESCs reveals expanded scope of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
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23 Jessica Hurt Jun 12, 2013
The genomic landscape of cohesin-associated chromatin interactions
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26 Laura DeMare May 22, 2013
MeCP2 binds to 5hmC enriched within active genes and accessible chromatin in the nervous system
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50 Marian Mellen Jan 14, 2013
Pausing of RNA polymerase II regulates mammalian developmental potential
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12 Karen Adelman Mar 12, 2015
Chromatin connectivity maps reveal dynamic promoter-enhancer long-range associations
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8 Guoliang Li Nov 04, 2013
Genetic Programs in Human and Mouse Early Embryos Revealed by Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing
47 Kevin Huang Jul 29, 2013
An Ancient Transcription Factor An Ancient Transcription Factor During Early Meiosis in Mouse Testes (PAS-Seq and CAGE)
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3 Christian Roy Mar 27, 2013
HITS-CLIP analysis of FMRP mRNA binding sites from P11-P25 mouse brain polysomes
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9 Jennifer Darnell Mar 15, 2013
Interrogating translating RNAs and cell-type specific gene expression using Cre-activated translating ribosome affinity purification
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53 Fei Gu Aug 20, 2013
SR Proteins Collaborate with 7SK and Promoter-Associated Nascent RNA to Release Paused Polymerase
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30 Xiang-Dong Fu May 09, 2013