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Rapid Identification of Bacterial Pathogens using a PCR- and Microarray-Based Assay
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195 Anna-Kaarina Jarvinen Aug 31, 2009
Identification of Gram-positive bacteria using BC-GP assay
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104 Seon Young Kim May 30, 2014
Method for absolute quantification of microbial communities by using both microarrays and competitive PCR
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178 Naoyuki Togawa Jan 16, 2019
RNA degradation analysis reveals ribosome dynamics in complex microbiome samples
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199 Vicent Pelechano Mar 24, 2023
Pulldown of RNA using PrgU-FLAG from Enterococcus faecalis OG1RF pCF10
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3 Julia Willett Mar 16, 2021
Structural basis for PoxtA-mediated resistance to Phenicol and Oxazolidinone antibiotics 
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12 Vicent Pelechano Feb 12, 2022
Deep mutational scan of a drug efflux pump reveals its structure-function landscape
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21 Gianmarco Meier Nov 25, 2021
Comparison of methods to generate a pooled Enterococcus faecalis Tn library from arrayed library plates
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3 Julia Willett May 22, 2023