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An Alternative Splicing Switch Regulates Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency and Reprogramming
16 Xinchen Wang Sep 15, 2011
Overlapping and distinct functions of CstF64 and CstF64τ in mammalian mRNA 3’ processing
5 Yongsheng Shi Sep 30, 2013
Integrative analyses of human reprogramming reveal dynamic nature of induced pluripotency
317 Shannan J Ho Sui Jul 16, 2015
Highly parallel genome-wide expression profiling of individual cells using nanoliter droplets
203 Evan Macosko May 20, 2015
Drop-Seq analysis of ERCC spike in capture
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1 Evan Macosko May 20, 2015
The menu of features that define primary microRNAs and enable de novo design of microRNA genes
22 Wenwen Fang Sep 24, 2015
Rocaglamide A converts RNA helicase eIF4A into a sequence-specific translational repressor
23 Shintaro Iwasaki Jun 15, 2016
Molecular basis for cytoplasmic RNA surveillance by uridylation-triggered decay in Drosophila
15 Thomas Rainer Burkard Feb 10, 2017
Distinct roles for motif affinity, chromatin state, and co-regulatory motifs in PPARγ binding and enhancer activity
21 Sharon R Grossman Feb 03, 2017
Thiol-linked alkylation for the metabolic sequencing of RNA
141 Brian Reichholf Sep 23, 2017
Regulation of m6A transcripts by the 3ʹ→5ʹ RNA helicase YTHDC2 is essential for a successful meiotic program in the mammalian germline
32 Ramesh Pillai Oct 14, 2017
The Peril DNA locus acts as an in vivo enhancer for distal but not proximal genes
30 Abbie Groff Nov 02, 2018
Determination of branch point (BP) usage by wild-type and mutant SF3B1 using a minigene library
7 MANOJ PILLAI Oct 30, 2018
A combination of transcription factors mediates inducible interchromosomal contacts
123 Seungsoo Kim Aug 05, 2018
Systematic Analysis of Transcription Factors Binding to Noncoding Variants
11359 Yunjiang Qiu Oct 28, 2020
Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screen identifies druggable synthetic lethality between LSD1 and MTORC1 in MLL-translocated AML
28 Tim C Somervaille Dec 23, 2019
Loss of CHD1 promotes chromatin dysregulation leading to heterogeneous mechanisms of resistance to hormone therapy in prostate cancer
453 Ping Mu Mar 26, 2020
Simultaneous measurement of DNA repair activities and mRNA abundance in single cells
22 Jay R. Hesselberth Oct 02, 2019
Inhibition of YTHDF2 triggers proteotoxic cell death in MYC-driven breast cancer
74 Gene Yeo Jul 02, 2021
Analysis of regulatory element evolution between human and mouse reveals a lack of cis-trans compensation
31 Martha L. Bulyk Nov 19, 2019