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Circadian Clock-Controlled Translation of Specific mRNAs in Neurospora crassa Requires Rhythmic eIF2α Activity and P-body Sequestration [Ribo-seq]
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80 Deborah Bell-Pedersen Sep 23, 2022
Codon usage influences the local rate of translation elongation to regulate co-translational protein folding
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8 Yunkun Dang Jul 18, 2015
Effect of adat2 silencing in Neurospora crassa on translation kinetics and transcriptome
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12 xueliang lyu May 22, 2020
HiC of Wild Type Neurospora crassa and mutants deficient in heterochromatin formation
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5 Andrew David Klocko May 19, 2016
Neurospora crassa genome organization requires subtelomeric facultative heterochromatin
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16 Andrew David Klocko Oct 27, 2016
Sequencing short capped RNAs captures acute transcription initiation and identifies promoter and distal regulatory elements across eukaryotes from total RNA
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40 Christopher Benner Sep 16, 2019
The genome organization of Neurospora crassa at high-resolution uncovers principles of fungal chromosome topology
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10 Andrew David Klocko Mar 01, 2022