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RIP-Chip Analysis of hnRNP K in Xenopus juvenile brain
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6 Ben Gregory Szaro Jul 06, 2011
Xenopus Piwi protein associated transcripts indicate regulation beyond transposons
11 NELSON LAU Nov 10, 2015
Genome-wide analysis of mRNA polyadenylation and translation during vertebrate oocyte maturation
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32 Michael Demian Blower Jan 14, 2020
The molecular basis of coupling between poly(A)-tail length and translational efficiency
79 David Bartel Jul 07, 2021
Identification of the FTO-FOXJ1 axis as a conserved regulatory module of embryonic and homeostatic motile ciliogenesis
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4 Young-suk Lee Feb 20, 2021
Super-sized clustered loops anchored at transposon Helitrons in Xenopus tropicalis sperm associate with late gene expression during embryogenesis
67 Chuihui Hou Jan 26, 2023
Control of poly(A)-tail length and translation in vertebrate oocytes and early embryos
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Kehui Xiang Feb 15, 2024