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Compartmentalization of human B cell responses in early life through induction of bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
24 Peter A Sims May 25, 2023
The Glioma-Infiltrating T Cell Receptor Repertoire
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
75 Peter A Sims May 18, 2016
Scalable co-sequencing of RNA and DNA from individual nuclei
13 Peter A Sims Feb 09, 2023
Tissue adaptation and clonal segregation of human memory T cells in barrier sites
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
32 Peter A Sims Nov 14, 2022
Multimodal hierarchical classification allows for efficient annotation of CITE-seq data
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
102 Peter A Sims Aug 08, 2023