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In silico analyses of survival-associated microRNA signatures in pediatric osteosarcoma
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25 Yidong Chen Mar 22, 2016
Prox-seq: Simultaneous quantification of proteins, protein complexes and mRNA in single-cells via proximity-sequencing
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18 Hoang Van Phan May 16, 2020
mRNP-mRNA Association Map (Tier I - G10, HuR, Imp, PABP)
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33 Sridar V Chittur Jan 24, 2009
Digital expression profiling identifies CDC5L, RECQL4, and CDK4 as potential oncogenes in a cohort of pediatric osteosarcoma tumours
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144 Jeff W Martin Mar 15, 2016
Deletion of DXZ4 on the human inactive X chromosome eliminates superdomains and impairs gene silencing
101 Miriam Huntley Jul 19, 2016
Identification of shared TCR sequences from T cells in human breast cancer using emulsion RT-PCR
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61 Jill Slansky May 11, 2016
Chronic Cigarette Smoke-Induced Epigenomic, gene expression and chromatin changes in Bronchial Epithelial Cells
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86 Hariharan Easwaran Oct 21, 2017
Precision genome editing using synthesis-dependent repair of Cas9-induced DNA breaks
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5 Daniel Goldman Dec 01, 2017
Targeting LIPA independent of its lipase activity is a therapeutic strategy in solid tumors via induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress
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30 Ganesh V. Raj Mar 18, 2022
Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of purified MAIT and Vdelta2 (Vd2) subset of gamma delta T cells in allo-HCT patients and healthy controls
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4 Anastasia I Kousa Oct 24, 2022
Single-cell analysis of chromatin silencing programs in development and tumor progression
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17 Jorja Henikoff Apr 12, 2021
Cis Regulatory Element Scan by Tiling-deletion and Sequencing
23 Bing Ren Apr 17, 2017
Pioneer factor-nucleosome binding events during differentiation are motif-encoded
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109 Jorja Henikoff Jun 25, 2019
Determination of the spatial organization of the FXN gene locus by using Chromosome Conformation Capture technique coupled with High-throughtput sequencing (3C-seq).
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5 Sanjay Padmakar Khadayate Dec 16, 2013
Refined detection and phasing of structural aberrations in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia by linked-read whole genome sequencing
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21 Yanara Marincevic-Zuniga Mar 02, 2020
Simple and efficient measurement of transcription initiation and transcript levels with STRIPE-seq
24 Gabriel E Zentner Jan 13, 2020
Multifactorial chromatin regulatory landscapes at single cell resolution
171 Jorja Henikoff Sep 14, 2022
Spatially resolved epigenomic profiling of single cells in complex tissues
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5 Cheen Euong Ang Dec 16, 2022