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Conservation of mouse-human trans-regulatory circuitry despite high cis-regulatory divergence
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32 ENCODE DCC Nov 19, 2014
Sequence and expression analysis of human chromosome 20 gaps
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7 Sheroy Minocherhomji Apr 17, 2012
Genome-wide analysis of pre-mRNA 3' end processing reveals a decisive role of human cleavage factor I in the regulation of 3' UTR length
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22 Andreas R Gruber May 15, 2012
A unique epigenetic signature is associated with active DNA replication loci in human embryonic stem cells
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12 Siavash K Kurdistani Nov 05, 2013
Hot spots of DNA double-strand breaks and genomic contacts of human rDNA units are involved in epigenetic regulation [DSBs]
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1 Nickolai Tchurikov Oct 04, 2014
LED, a long non-coding RNA activator of enhancer RNAs, is hypermethylated in human cancers
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21 Koos Rooijers Mar 24, 2015
Genome-wide DNA hypomethylation and RNA:DNA hybrid accumulation in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome
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33 Yoong Wearn Lim Jul 17, 2015
Glucocorticoid receptor and nuclear factor kappa-b affect 3D chromatin organization
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68 Shuang-Yin Wang Sep 30, 2015
B cell super-enhancers and regulatory clusters recruit AID tumorigenic activity
76 Marei Dose Dec 04, 2014
Human and mouse DRIP-seq and DRIPc-seq
13 Yoong Wearn Lim Jun 30, 2016
Distinct and shared functions of ALS-associated TDP-43, FUS, and TAF15 revealed by comprehensive multi-system integrative analyses
48 Gene Yeo Jul 05, 2016
In situ CAPTURE of chromatin interactions by biotinylated dCas9
175 Jian Xu Aug 24, 2017
Super-enhancer Driven Core Regulatory Circuitry in MYCN-amplified Neuroblastoma
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30 Richard A Young May 22, 2018
CPD-seq map of UV damage formation in human fibroblasts
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10 John J. Wyrick Jun 21, 2018
Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of 0 and 5 Gy HuR binding RNAs
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4 zhang shu yu Feb 22, 2019
Pervasive functional translation of noncanonical open reading frames
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14 Jin Chen Mar 14, 2020
4C analysis of 9p21 interaction network in HEK TE cells
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8 Peihua Zhao Aug 13, 2019
Loss of 9p21 regulatory hub promotes kidney cancer progression by upregulating HOXB13
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15 Peihua Zhao Aug 13, 2019
Analysis of CRE-mediated chromatin interactions by CAPTURE2.0
105 Jian Xu Feb 20, 2020
Local states of chromatin compaction in HepG2 cells
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6 Itoshi Nikaido Mar 10, 2020