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Queuosine modification protects cognate tRNAs against ribonuclease cleavage
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4 Tao Pan Aug 10, 2018
LKB1 inactivation initiates a chromatin remodeling cascade to drive metastatic progression
441 Jeffrey Michael Granja Apr 30, 2021
Multi-omic Analysis of Primary Human Kidney Tissues Identifies Medulla-Specific Gene Expression Patterns
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33 Shreeram Akilesh Nov 15, 2023
Targeting the non-coding genome and temozolomide signature enables CRISPR-mediated glioma oncolysis
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12 I-Li Tan Oct 05, 2023
Genome-wide and experimental resolution of relative translation elongation speed at individual gene level in human cells
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7 Gong Zhang Feb 09, 2016
m6A-dependent regulation of messenger RNA stability
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29 zhike lu Nov 29, 2013
Ribosome profiling data obtained from HEK293T cells 30 minutes after treatment with arsenite to a final concentration of 40 µM
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8 Pavel V Baranov Jan 27, 2015
Widespread N6-methyladenosine-dependent RNA Structural Switches Regulate RNA-Protein Interactions
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18 Tao Pan Feb 27, 2015
SMO variants explain the majority of drug resistance in basal cell carcinoma [Target Sequencing]
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66 Jiang Li Mar 16, 2015
Three-dimensional proximity mapping of the DRGFP DNA double-strand break site in U2OS cells
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2 Philipp Oberdoerffer Aug 22, 2014
Human somatic cell mutagenesis creates genetically tractable sarcomas
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72 Rama Khokha Jul 25, 2014
N6-methyladenosine Modulates Messenger RNA Translation Efficiency
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18 Chuan He Jun 09, 2015
The menu of features that define primary microRNAs and enable de novo design of microRNA genes
22 Wenwen Fang Sep 24, 2015
MBNL Sequestration by Toxic RNAs and RNA Mis-Processing in the Myotonic Dystrophy Brain
39 Maurice Swanson Jul 30, 2015
Time-Resolved Proteomics Extends Ribosome Profiling-Based Measurements of Protein Synthesis Dynamics
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12 Arun P. Wiita May 18, 2017
Ribosome profiling analysis of Dengue Virus
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116 David Reid Sep 01, 2016
Ribosomal profiling of CRISPR edited and parental CHL-1 cell line
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6 Kun Qu Nov 23, 2015
U1 snRNP regulates alternative polyadenylation in DNA damage response
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3 Jiyeon Park May 01, 2016
miRNA-target chimeras identified with CLEAR-CLIP reveal miRNA 3' end pairing as a major determinant of Argonaute binding in vivo [human Huh7.5 AGO-CLIP & CLEAR-CLIP]
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31 Michael John Moore Nov 15, 2015
Complementary Post Transcriptional Regulatory Information is Detected by PUNCH-P and Ribosome Profiling
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16 Tamir Tuller Sep 28, 2016