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Rheumatoid Arthritis Rat Model Treated with Acupuncture
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72 Christine Nardini Dec 23, 2016
Comparison of small RNA-seq and microarray analysis for determining the effects of acute prenatal ethanol exposure on microRNA expression and its amelioration by environmental manipulation
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Frank A Middleton Aug 29, 2014
Toxicogenomic Characterization of Molecular Mechanisms Contributing to Chlorpyrifos Neurotoxicity in Adult Male Rats
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95 Christine Baer Dec 30, 2016
Alterations in serum microRNA in humans with alcohol use disorders impact cell proliferation and cell death pathways and predict structural and functional changes in brain
133 Frank A Middleton Jul 31, 2015
Circulating total extracellular vesicles cargo are associated with age-related oxidative stress and susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases: exploratory results from microarray data
  • Non-coding RNA profiling by high throughput sequencing
21 Laura Reck Cechinel Oct 28, 2023