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Extensive sex differences at the initiation of meiotic recombination
22 Kevin Brick Sep 20, 2018
Rev-erb(alpha) and (beta) Coordinately Protect the Circadian Clock and Normal Metabolic Function
3 Logan J Everett Mar 09, 2012
Charting a dynamic DNA methylation landscape of the human genome
8 Michael Johannes Ziller Aug 09, 2013
Context-specific regulation of BMAL1 target genes during the circadian cycle in mammals
58 Jonathan Aryeh Sobel Dec 31, 2016
UTX inhibition as selective epigenetic therapy against TAL1-driven T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
2 Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Feb 01, 2016
Identification of active transcriptional regulatory elements with GRO-seq
2 Charles G Danko Feb 19, 2015
Generation of a Panel of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells From Chimpanzees: a Resource for Comparative Functional Genomics [ChIP-Seq]
9 Irene Gallego Romero Jun 17, 2015
Identification of Arabidopsis thaliana PRR9 regulated clock components and circadian outputs through genome-wide binding sites analysis
4 Tiffany L Liu Dec 03, 2015
Validation of THS-seq method, and comparison of published ENCODE DNase-seq data, self-generated ATAC-seq data and published ATAC-seq data, and THS-seq data for quantitation of chromatin accessibility.
11 Kun Zhang Jan 09, 2016
On the Origin and Evolutionary Consequences of Gene Body DNA Methylation
44 Robert J Schmitz Jul 11, 2016
The control of rRNA synthesis during the directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells precedes heterochromatin formation.
21 Jessica L Woolnough Sep 16, 2016
Evidence That Three Classes of Methylomes Specific for Stem, Somatic and Transformed Cells Are Set by Three Independent Mechanisms (Methyl-Seq)
2 Boris Bartholdy Jul 23, 2019
Foxh1 marks the embryonic genome prior to the activation of the mesendoderm gene regulatory program
11 Rebekah M Charney Mar 30, 2017
High activity of a broad panel of housekeeping and tissue-specific cis-regulatory elements depends on a subset of ETS proteins
15 Alberto Termanini Mar 13, 2017
Epigenetic identity in AML is mostly dependent on disruption of non-promoter regulatory elements and reveals potentially antagonistic effects of mutations in epigenetic modifiers [mouse]
7 Jacob Lowell Glass Apr 28, 2017
DDM1/Lsh remodelers allow methylation of DNA wrapped in nucleosomes
15 David B. Lyons Nov 15, 2017
MYOD Remodeling of the Genome Architecture during Myogenic Conversion of Somatic Cells
16 Alessandra Dall'Agnese Sep 10, 2019
Chromatin structure and CTCF across the MCF10 breast cancer progression series (HiC)
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4 Jonathan AR Gordon May 23, 2017
Replication timing and epigenome remodelling are associated with the nature of chromosomal rearrangements in cancer [ChIP-seq]
10 Qian Du Jan 23, 2019
Investigating the role of SMCHD1 in de novo X chromosome inactivation
53 Chen-Yu Wang Jun 07, 2018