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Widespread RNA and DNA Sequence Differences in the Human Genome
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Mingyao Li May 19, 2011
Prognostic Gene Expression Signature Associated with Two Molecularly Distinct Subtypes of Colorectal Cancer
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Sangbae Kim Jun 20, 2011
Renormalised expression data from 1570 breast cancer related samples
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Marketa Zvelebil Jun 01, 2013
Identification of a stable gene signature of tolerance to renal allograft by meta-analysis.
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Daniel BARON Oct 06, 2015
Transcriptional override: a regulatory network model of indirect responses to modulations in microRNA expression (miRNA)
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Christopher G Hill Nov 19, 2013
Transcription Factor Binding Sites by Motifs Scan
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Wenjie Shu Oct 12, 2014
Identification of Replication Timing Domains Using DNN-HMM
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Wenjie Shu May 25, 2015
Transcription Factor Highly Occupied Target (HOT) Regions of 145 Cell Lines
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  • Third-party reanalysis
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Wenjie Shu Jan 14, 2015
Defining glioma subtypes based on robust transcriptional patterns from 16 prior studies
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Sanghoon Lee Dec 21, 2014
Human cells infected with Mucormycosis-causing strains from clinical settings
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Sean Daugherty Jun 19, 2014
Transcription Factor Binding Sites clustered Regions of 133 Cell Lines
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Wenjie Shu Oct 03, 2014
Comparative epigenomics of human and mouse erythropoiesis
Vijay G Sankaran Dec 01, 2014
Consensus Preprocessing of GEO and ArrayExpress Normal and Diseased Lung Tissue Microarray Data
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Shuyi Ma Sep 18, 2014
Human gene expression compendium containing 9395 samples from the HG_U133PlusV2 platform
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Brad Nelms Jan 15, 2015
Construction of prostate cancer cell line (PC-3)-specific interactome
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Ju-Hong Jeon Dec 21, 2016
Integrating tumor and stromal gene expression signatures with clinical indices for survival stratification of early-stage non-small cell lung cancer
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Andrew Gentles Aug 24, 2015
Comparative genomics analysis of mononuclear phagocyte subsets confirms similarity between lymphoid tissue-resident and dermal XCR1+ DCs in mouse and human and distinguishes them from Langerhans cells.
Marc DALOD Feb 14, 2017
Identification of the long, edited dsRNAome in LPS-stimulated primary human peripheral blood monocytes
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Matthew George Blango Apr 14, 2016
The non-CG methylation is cell-type specific and conserved between human and mouse [Third-party reanalysis]
Weilong Guo Sep 01, 2016
Modeling of WGBS data from normal and cancer tissues, young and old cells, passaged fibroblasts and stem cells V
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Andrew P Feinberg Mar 15, 2017