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TFIIIC and MYCN link the three-dimensional chromatin structure of promoters to transcription termination of stalled RNA polymerase
62 Martin Eilers Jul 15, 2024
Oncogenic roles of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling factors: therapeutic targets in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
88 Tze King Tan Jul 02, 2024
Enhancer engagement sustains oncogenic transformation and progression of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia
57 Stefano Di Giovenale Jun 27, 2024
YY1 controlled regulatory connectivity and transcription are influenced by the cell cycle
121 Jessica C Lam Jun 17, 2024
Specific multivalent molecules boost CRISPR-mediated transcriptional activation via optimal cis-trans interaction and functional chromatin looping.
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  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
12 Rui Chen Jun 01, 2024
Landscape of TFs binding in mouse early embryos
57 Gran Young Mar 03, 2024
Age-associated chromatin re-organization in progenitor B cells
76 Yaqiang Cao Mar 01, 2024
Aberrant non-canonical NF-κB signalling reprograms the epigenome landscape to drive oncogenic transcriptomes in multiple myeloma
90 Yinghui Li Mar 01, 2024
Regulation of T helper cell differentiation by the interplay between histone modification and chromatin interaction
197 Yaqiang Cao Mar 01, 2024
Oncogenic enhancers prime quiescent metastatic cells to escape NK immune surveillance by eliciting a transcriptional memory
64 CIBIO Zippo Feb 02, 2024
EWS::FLI cooperatively binds at GGAA microsatellites via DBD-a4 helix
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  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
45 Ariunaa Bayanjargal Feb 01, 2024
Single-cell Circle-seq unveils diversity and cell specificity of circular DNA in single cells
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
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344 Jinxin Phaedo Chen Jan 02, 2024
Distinct transcriptomic and epigenomic responses of mature oligodendrocytes during disease progression in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis
38 Bastien Hervé Dec 20, 2023
Kdm1a safeguards the topological boundaries of PRC2-repressed genes and prevents aging-related euchromatinization in neurons
37 Sergio Niñerola Dec 04, 2023
RNA-seq and Chromatin accessibility and conformation maps of human kidney cortex and medulla
16 Stefan Haug Nov 22, 2023
ASCL1 a pioneer factor that induces subtype switching and characterizes adrenergic neuroblastoma
44 Tze King Tan Nov 21, 2023
Requirement for TP73 in cancer cell maintenance and genetic alterations originating from its intragenic super-enhancer
25 Tze King Tan Nov 20, 2023
Regulatory mechanisms and context-dependent roles of TAL1 in TALL
75 Tze King Tan Nov 20, 2023
ZNF143 deletion alters enhancer/promoter looping and CTCF/cohesin geometry
33 Mo Zhang Nov 07, 2023
Stage-specific dynamic reorganization of genome topology shapes transcriptional neighborhoods in developing human retinal organoids
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
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20 Zachary A Batz Nov 03, 2023