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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterExpression profiling by high throughput sequencing Remove filterBW Remove filterOct 03, 2019
The RNA helicase DDX6 regulates self-renewal and differentiation of human and mouse stem cells
100 Bruno Di Stefano Oct 03, 2019
MyoD induced enhancer RNA interacts with hnRNPL protein via CAAA motif to activate target gene transcription during myogenic differentiation
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
13 Jiajian Zhou Oct 03, 2019
Variant and cell-context specific H3K27M reprogramming results in distinct enhancer architecture and oncogenic states
155 Michelle Monje Oct 03, 2019
Transcriptomic and epigenomic profiling of SETDB1 mediated repression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
26 James Ropa Oct 03, 2019