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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterExpression profiling by high throughput sequencing Remove filterBW Remove filterJun 07, 2023
Germ cell-specific eIF4E1b regulates maternal mRNA translation to ensure zygotic genome activation
602 Guanghui Yang Jun 07, 2023
Cxxc finger protein 1 maintains homeostasis and function of intestinal group 3 innate lymphoid cells with aging
22 lie wang Jun 07, 2023
The mRNA methyltransferase Mettl3 modulates cytokine mRNA stability and limits functional responses in mast cells
29 Cristina Leoni Jun 07, 2023
Cellular heterogeneity in the 16HBE14o- airway epithelial line impacts functional readouts.
38 Ann Harris Jun 07, 2023
mRNA expression analysis in primary renal tubular cells.
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
10 René Krüger Jun 07, 2023