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Re-analysis of E-MTAB-1585
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14 Tiandao Li Sep 19, 2013
Expression of novel long noncoding RNAs during erythro-megakaryopoiesis and GATA1-induced erythroid differentiation using RNA-seq
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Ross Hardison Feb 20, 2014
Long noncoding RNA expression in several hematopoietic progenitor and differentiated cell populations
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Ross Hardison Feb 20, 2014
Comparative epigenomics of human and mouse erythropoiesis
Vijay G Sankaran Dec 01, 2014
mRNA destabilization is the dominant effect of mammalian microRNAs by the time substantial repression ensues (sequencing)
85 Stephen Eichhorn Sep 25, 2014
Structural organization of the inactive X chromosome
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8 Bryan R Lajoie Jul 18, 2016
Comparative analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing methods
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583 Christoph Ziegenhain Sep 09, 2016
CpG island mediated linear and spatial gene partitioning (RNA-seq)
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Jonghwan Kim Feb 15, 2018
CpG island mediated linear and spatial gene partitioning (pA+ RNA-seq profile)
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Jonghwan Kim Feb 15, 2018
Filtering of RNA-seq datasets and differences between cell types in global coordination of splicing and proportion of highly expressed genes
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Ephraim F Trakhtenberg Aug 11, 2016
A Compendium of Chromatin Contact Maps Reveal Spatially Active Regions in the Human Genome
19 Anthony D Schmitt Nov 15, 2016
High activity of a broad panel of housekeeping and tissue-specific cis-regulatory elements depends on a subset of ETS proteins
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6 Alberto Termanini Mar 13, 2017
High-confidence Coding and Noncoding Transcriptome Maps
Jin-Wu Nam Apr 01, 2017
Investigating the role of SMCHD1 in de novo X chromosome inactivation
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53 Chen-Yu Wang Jun 07, 2018
PARP14 controls the nuclear accumulation of a subset of type I Interferon-inducible proteins [reanalysis]
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Viviana Piccolo Feb 07, 2018
Nuclear receptor Nur77 limits the macrophage inflammatory response by reprogramming mitochondrial metabolism
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9 Carlie de Vries Aug 21, 2018
AGO CLIP reveals an activated network for acute regulation of brain glutamate homeostasis in ischemic stroke [dataset 7]
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Mariko Kobayashi Jun 14, 2019
Egr1 Recruits Tet1 to Shape the Brain Methylome during Early Postnatal Development
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20 zhixiong sun Jul 25, 2019
RNA-seq analyses of mouse embryonic fibloblasts (MEFs) reprogrammed into induced pulmonary epithelial cell-like cells
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12 Hideo Watanabe Jun 30, 2023
Comparative analysis of gene expression in TGF-ß3 mutant mice with cleft palate
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Sree Krishna Chanumolu Sep 18, 2020