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Epigenetic modifications and their relationships to smRNA and mRNA transcriptomes in maize
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14 Xiangfeng Wang Apr 28, 2009
The maize methylome modulates mRNA splicing and reveals widespread paramutation guided by small RNA.
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35 Zhenyuan Lu Jun 03, 2013
Epigenetic characteristics and gene-expression analysis of a de novo centromere in maize
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6 Handong Su Dec 01, 2016
Decrease in DNA methylation 1(DDM1) is required for the establishement of CHH islands in maize
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8 Jincheng Long Oct 24, 2017
Opaque-2 regulates a complex gene network associated with cell differentiation and storage function of maize endosperm
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10 Ramin Yadegari Sep 14, 2018
Widespread Long-range Cis-Regulatory Elements in the Maize Genome
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81 Robert J Schmitz Sep 19, 2019
Comparative analysis of nascent transcription among plant species
68 Sascha Duttke Sep 28, 2023
Decoding the gene regulatory network of endosperm differentiation in maize
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196 Qiang Huo Nov 28, 2023
Cis and Trans Gene Transcription Regulatory Mechanisms Underpin Variation of a Maize Agronomic Trait
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46 Erich Grotewold Dec 01, 2023