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ChimeraScan: A tool for identifying chimeric transcription in sequencing data
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
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3 Matthew Iyer Sep 01, 2011
Breast Cancer RNA-seq
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
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168 Katherine E Varley Jun 11, 2014
Characterization of t(15;21) translocations in myeloid disorders
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
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2 Alberto L'Abbate Jul 29, 2016
Trac-looping measures genome structure and chromatin accessibility
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34 Keji Zhao Jul 12, 2018
Topological demarcation by HMGB2 is disrupted early upon senescence entry and induces CTCF clustering across cell types
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53 Milos Nikolic Apr 25, 2018
TAE sensitive and resistant Kelly cells
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118 Ruben Dries Aug 07, 2019
Genome-wide co-localization of RNA-DNA interactions and fusion RNA pairs
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
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72 Sheng Zhong Jan 09, 2019
The transition from quiescent to activated states in human hematopoietic stem cells is governed by dynamic 3D genome reorganization
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24 Alexander James Murison Nov 23, 2020
Stress-induced RNA–chromatin interactions promote endothelial dysfunction
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32 Sheng Zhong Aug 17, 2020
Epigenetic subtypes of neuroblastoma
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123 Carl Herrmann Sep 16, 2020
Epigenomics landscape of colorectal cancer
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309 Ayush T Raman May 22, 2021
Chromatin Topology Reorganization and Transcription Repression by PML/RARα in Acute Promyeloid Leukemia
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30 Yijun Ruan Dec 05, 2019
Histone H3.3G34-mutant interneuron progenitors co-opt PDGFRA for gliomagenesis
80 Carol Chen Nov 30, 2020
3D Genome Analysis Identifies Enhancer Hijacking Mechanism for High-Risk Factors in Human T-Lineage Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemial (T-ALL)
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52 Hong Wu Mar 20, 2021
To study the function of KLF5 in squamous cancers and gastrointestinal cancers
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34 Xiaoyang Zhang Dec 09, 2020
UTX condensation underlies its tumor suppressive activity
78 Bi Shi Jul 15, 2021
Dual genome-wide coding and lncRNA screens in neural induction of induced pluripotent stem cells
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42 David Wu Aug 02, 2022
Lineage transcription factors ASCL1, NKX2-1, and PROX1 are enriched at super enhancers and co-regulate subtype-specific genes in small cell lung cancer
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69 Jane E Johnson May 01, 2021
KLF4 Recruits SWI/SNF to Increase Chromatin Accessibility and Reprogram the Endothelial Enhancer Landscape under Laminar Shear Stress
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73 Jan-Renier Moonen May 28, 2021
A Quantitative Epistasis Framework For Interrogating the Network of Enhancers
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58 xueqiu lin Aug 12, 2022