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Comparative genomic hybridization on mouse cDNA microarrays and its application to a murine lymphoma model.
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23 Stanford Microarray Database (SMD) Jan 25, 2006
Cancer Process Study
351 bin feng Jun 05, 2007
Fine mapping of regulatory loci for mammalian gene expression using radiation hybrids
311 Christopher Park Mar 13, 2008
Comparative oncogenomics identifies breast tumors enriched in functional tumor initiating cells
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107 Charles M. Perou Aug 15, 2011
Functional genome analysis of Bifidobacterium breve UCC2003 reveals a major conserved host-colonization factor
21 Aldert Zomer Jul 01, 2011
Anti-telomerase therapy provokes ALT and mitochondrial adaptive mechanisms
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49 Jian Hu Jan 17, 2012
Transient telomere dysfunction induces chromosomal instability and promotes carcinogenesis in telomerase-proficient mice
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38 Hans A Kestler Mar 31, 2012
The Eµ-myc Mouse Model Represents Heterogeneity Across Human Aggressive B-cell Lymphomas
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189 Daphne R Friedman Sep 10, 2014
Aneuploidy, oncogene amplification, and epithelial to mesenchymal transition define spontaneous transformation of murine epithelial cells
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95 Hesed Maria Padilla-Nash Mar 14, 2013
ATM deficiency in the absence of T cells promotes the development of NF-kB-dependent B cell lymphomas
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46 Jordi Camps Jul 18, 2015
Identifying actionable targets through integrative analyses of GEM model and human prostate cancer profiling
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79 Jeffrey Zhao Feb 20, 2015
Specific Genomic and Transcriptomic Aberrations in Tumors Induced by Partial Hepatectomy of a Chronically Inflamed Murine Liver
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24 Daniel Goldenberg Apr 01, 2015
Molecular Characterization of Spontaneously Transformed Epithelial Murine Colon Cell Lines as a Model of Human Colorectal Neoplasia
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24 Hesed Maria Padilla-Nash Jan 01, 2016
Comparison of aged wt, krt18+/- and krt18-/- non-tumorous liver tissues
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41 Vendula Svendova May 04, 2016
microRNA-143/145 loss induces Ras-signaling and cooperates with Pten-deficiency to promote basal-like breast cancer
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40 Sharon Wang Jun 02, 2017
Multiple myeloma tumors from Vk*MYC mice
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137 Marta Chesi Feb 20, 2020
Identification of Jun loss that promotes resistance to HDAC inhibitor Entinostat through Myc signaling in Luminal breast cancer
71 Charles M. Perou Dec 10, 2018
Genomic and transcriptomic study of allodiploid embryonic stem cells
4 Xiaolong Cui Jan 31, 2016
DNA packaging of human and murine spermatozoal chromatin
16 David Miller Jun 09, 2009
Array CGH on gemcitabine resistant tumor
  • Genome variation profiling by array
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3 Daoud Sie Dec 21, 2005