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Combined arrayCGH and SNP-loss of heterozygosity analysis in cervical cancer
40 Jan Oosting Jul 31, 2007
Genomic profiling of TP53 and non-TP53 Li-Fraumeni syndrome tumors reveals hits in the p53 and overlapping pathways
28 Ralf Krahe Jul 16, 2008
Genomic alterations and gene expression in primary diffuse large B cell lymphomas of immune privileged sites
80 Marije Booman Jun 19, 2008
Gastric Cancer Cell Lines
28 Wu Yonghui Dec 29, 2008
Two genetic pathways in myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma and morphologically similar lesions
10 Karolin H Nord Jan 26, 2009
Oncogenomic analysis of mycosis fungoides reveals major differences with Sézary syndrome
44 Marloes van Kester Sep 30, 2008
Screening for copy-number alterations and LOH in CLL - a comparative study of four microarray platforms
40 Richard Rosenquist Brandell Dec 10, 2008
1q gain clinical impact in Ewing's Sarcoma: role of DTL
94 Carlos Mackintosh Aug 01, 2011
Hierarchical synergy of Pten, p53 and Rb pathways in high-grade astrocytoma induced in adult brain
118 Chunxu Qu Mar 23, 2011
Genomic profiles vary with race and subtype in young African American and European American breast cancer
98 Theresa V Strong Jan 29, 2013
Gain of the oncostatin M receptor in cervical squamous cell carcinoma is associated with adverse clinical outcome
200 Ian Roberts Feb 16, 2011
Identification of Tumor Suppressors and Oncogenes from Genomic and Epigenetic Features in Ovarian Cancer
139 Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski Oct 17, 2011
Pten deletion in neonatal brain induces an abnormal neural progenitor niche that can synergize with Trp53 loss to generate medulloblastoma
33 David Finkelstein Mar 01, 2017
Gene expression Classification of Colon Cancer defines six molecular subtypes with distinct clinical, molecular and survival characteristics
1048 Nabila Elarouci May 22, 2013
Delineation of two multi-invasion-induced rearrangement pathways that differently affect genome stability
  • Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
12 Ruth Watson Aug 22, 2023
Multiple platform assessment of the EGF dependent transcriptome by microarray and deep tag sequencing analysis
60 Lauro Sumoy Jul 18, 2011
array-CGH profiling of human neuroblastoma samples obtained from infants included in the INES99.1, INES99.2 and INES99.3 trials
218 Gudrun Schleiermacher Dec 07, 2011
Large scale copy number variation (CNV) at 14q12 is associated with the presence of genomic abnormalities in neoplasia.
  • Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
8 Chung-Hae Lee May 25, 2006
16p13 aberrations predispose to autism and MR
  • Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
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Reinhard Ullmann May 22, 2007
Interstitial del(14)(q) involving IGH: a novel recurrent aberration in B-NHL
  • Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
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Helena Pospisilova May 01, 2007