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Multiple platform assessment of the EGF dependent transcriptome by microarray and deep tag sequencing analysis
60 Lauro Sumoy Jul 18, 2011
High resolution Hi-C analysis in S. pombe reveals fundamental elements of genome architecture
14 Shiv Grewal Oct 22, 2014
arrayCGH from human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) and hMSC after adipogenic and osteogenic differentiation
  • Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
5 Valentina Galata Oct 20, 2016
Genomic alteration analysis in ovarian cancers
  • Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
67 OUMOU GOUNDIAM Jun 01, 2020
Genomic comparison of post-radiation versus sporadic sarcomas
133 Frédéric Chibon Jul 17, 2020
Molecular signatures of in-situ to invasive progression for basal-like breast cancers: An integrated mouse model and human tumor study
30 Charles M. Perou Jun 01, 2022