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AML hybridizations
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68 Hiroyuki Mano Apr 04, 2007
Chromosome 8 BAC Array CGH and Expression Studies Identify Amplification and Overexpression of TRMT12 in Breast Cancer
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42 Christopher Pan May 07, 2007
Cancer Process Study
351 bin feng Jun 05, 2007
Multiple genes at the chromosome 20q amplicon contribute to colorectal adenoma to carcinoma progression
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217 Daoud Sie Oct 15, 2008
Combined arrayCGH and SNP-loss of heterozygosity analysis in cervical cancer
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40 Jan Oosting Jul 31, 2007
Genome-Wide Mapping of Hypomethylated Sites in Human Genomes
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8 Ming-Ta Hsu Sep 29, 2007
Feedback Circuit among INK4 Tumor Suppressors Constrains Human Glioblastoma Development
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41 Yonghong Xiao Apr 29, 2008
Genomic alterations and gene expression in primary diffuse large B cell lymphomas of immune privileged sites
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80 Marije Booman Jun 19, 2008
Basal-like Breast Cancer DNA copy number losses identify genes involved in genomic instability, response to therapy, and patient survival
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504 Charles M. Perou Nov 06, 2011
Molecular subtypes of DLBCL have distinct chromosomal aberrations
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406 Louis M. Staudt Sep 04, 2008
Comparison of osteosarcoma cell lines and normal human osteoblasts
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20 Bekim Sadikovic May 01, 2009
Two genetic pathways in myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma and morphologically similar lesions
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10 Karolin H Nord Jan 26, 2009
Genome-wide changes in DNA methylation and copy number play a role in deregulation of gene expression in osteosarcoma
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58 Bekim Sadikovic Sep 08, 2009
Oncogenomic analysis of mycosis fungoides reveals major differences with Sézary syndrome
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44 Marloes van Kester Sep 30, 2008
Nuclear scaffold and matrix attachment of HeLa chromatin
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6 Stephen A Krawetz Feb 27, 2009
Molecular analysis of glioblastoma stem cell-like spheroid cultures identifies novel tumor-relevant genes
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87 Aurelie Ernst Feb 13, 2010
SOX2 is a new oncogene activated by the recurrent 3q26.3 amplifications in lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma
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33 Thomas Hussenet Feb 09, 2010
PI3K inhibition in ER+ breast cancer microarray data
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123 Cynthia Ma Mar 06, 2009
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines TW01 and HONE1: transcriptomic and genomic analyses
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12 Chia Huei Lee Mar 09, 2010
Molecular characterization of head and neck cancer cell model genomes
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12 Ivy F.L. Tsui Jun 26, 2010