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GTR Common and Useful Searches

List of searches with link to the GTR result page; queries and explanations of what information is retrieved.

Task What Information You Will Find
Find panels with 5 or more genes that include the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

A list of panel tests, each with at least 5 genes, including bothBRCA1andBRCA2. You can scan the Conditions count and Genes and analytes count and click the link for a pop-up view summarizing each test's gene list, condition list and methods. You can filter the search results based on clinical or research test type, purpose of the test, methodology, lab location and lab certifications.

Discover all Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) tests See a list of all tests in GTR that list CGH as a testing methodology. You can scan the Conditions count and Genes and analytes count and click the link for a pop-up view of each test. Filter the result list to see for example, which labs perform custom mutation-specific and/or custom prenatal testing.
See all pharmacogenetic responses and links to those tests This link provides a list of all pharmacogenetic drug responses listed in GTR, using the generic drug name. Synonyms list common trade drug names for easy recognition. Each condition, e.g. 'Warfarin response', has links to Tests (all tests in GTR for that condition), Genes, andGeneReviews(link is inactive if there is no content).
Locate labs that offer genomic testing services Lists all labs that offer whole exome sequencing and/or whole genome sequencing as a lab service. Typically, records are not fully described tests.
Look at all single-gene tests (NOT panels) Many GTR users want to know which tests are NOT panels. This link provides a list of all single-gene tests. For more flexibility in choosing a combination of specific genes, setting the number of genes in a test, and other features, try the Advanced search for tests.
Review all GTR content This is a quick way to see how many tests are in GTR.

Last updated: 2023-09-11T15:27:49Z