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GTR Submission API

GTR uses the NCBI Submission Portal Public API which is organized around REST and JSON for data exchange. This page documents how the API can be used to upload GTR test submission data and query its status.

Account Setup

Create a New API Service Account

To get started, send a request to GTR staff (tkt-tryhd@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) to create an API service account. Once the service account has been created, create an API key.

Create an API Key

  1. In the group account for your lab, click on the API Access tab.
    New service account screenshot
  2. In the service account, click 'Get new key for service account'.
  3. A new key will be created. Please take note of the key because you will not see the key again. The key will look something like this:
  4. If you lose the key, you can create a new key.
    New service account screenshot
  5. Use this key for your submission.

Data Submission

You can submit a test by uploading a JSON file via http using the following URL:


To check the response, use the following URL:


Dry Run Mode

To perform a dry run without creating a submission, include a query string, dry-run=true in the URL:


In dry run mode, the submission file is validated against the JSON schema. If the file is valid, it will return HTTP status 204, but no submission-id is created (see API Submission Status HTTP Return Codes).

Test Mode

To validate data prior to submission, use the following URL:


To check the response, use the following URL:


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