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Tests In Your Laboratory

OMB NO: 0925-0651


Burden Statement

From your homepage in the GTR submission site (see login instructions), you will see the section 'Tests in this lab'.

The total count of genetic and microbe tests for your lab is shown below the header.

Tests in this lab

Manage Tests

The test management page allows you to search, sort, and filter your tests. You can edit, copy, and delete tests, perform bulk updates using the submission wizard, and download data for select tests in the submission template.

Tests in this lab

Click on 'Manage Tests' to navigate to the test management page (see details).

Download Tests

You will be able to download all your clinical test data, microbe and genetic, in the submission spreadsheet templates. Click on 'Download tests' to download your data. You will receive an email, one for each test type, with a link to download the file. If you have only one test type (e.g., clinical genetic tests), then you will be reminded that there are no tests in the other category (ie., clinical microbe tests).

You can use the data in the spreadsheet to submit updates to the tests. Once you have updated your spreadsheet and are ready to submit, go to the Submit Tests page to upload your spreadsheet. For instructions about completing your spreadsheet for submission, see clinical genetic tests spreadsheet submission and clinical microbe tests spreadsheet submission.

Submit Tests

You can submit a new test, upload a spreadsheet for bulk submission of tests, or manage your API account and submissions in the 'Submit tests' page. Click on 'Submit tests' to navigate to the test submission page (see details).

Last updated: 2023-08-15T15:26:00Z