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Genetic Testing Registry Selection Criteria for Web Links

The NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) is designed to provide access to useful and authoritative information relevant to genetic testing.  As part of this mission, we link to information from the National Institutes of Health – including the National Center for Biotechnology Information and other parts of the National Library of Medicine – as well as other government agencies.

To complement these resources, the GTR links to selected non-government websites, consistent with the following criteria:

  • The organization provides accurate, scientifically based information that complements or enhances the information found in the Genetic Testing Registry.
  • The source of the content and the entity responsible for maintaining the site are clear.
  • The website is based at an academic organization or includes a list of advisory board members or consultants.
  • The information is well-organized and easy to use.
  • The primary purpose of the site is educational and not to sell a product or service. Most content is available at no charge. If commercial advertisements are displayed, there should be an advertising policy on the site. Advertisers or sponsors must not play a role in selecting or editing health information. GTR will exclude organizations and Web resources if presentation or content could lead a reasonable user to infer endorsement of products or services.
  • The website is consistently available.
  • Information is current and/or indicates when the last update occurred.
  • The site provides unique content; it does not merely reproduce information from other websites.

The links to websites outside GTR do not constitute an endorsement. NIH is not responsible for the content of those websites.

GTR provides links to directories to help users find health professionals, services, and facilities. NIH does not endorse or recommend the organizations that produce these directories, or the individuals that are included in the directories.

Last updated: 2018-03-22T20:12:48Z