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How to register a research test in the GTR

OMB NO: 0925-0651


Burden Statement

Instructions on this page assume you have logged into the GTR submission site, have registered your laboratory, and are now ready to submit information about a research test. If you have not yet registered your laboratory, click here to learn how to log into the GTR submission site and submit a new laboratory.

  1. Start from the home page for your GTR submissions and select the relevant lab, if you have more than one.
  2. Enter Research personnel in the Laboratory section, as described here.
  3. On the home page for your GTR submissions, under 'Tests in this lab', click on 'Submit tests'. On the submission page, go to the section 'Submit a single test'. The default selection is for a clinical genetic test. Change 'Clinical' to 'Research'. Click 'Add a new test'.

You will be presented with a sequence of pages in which to submit data.  Each page has a distinct tab as seen in the image below. The menu layout for the help documentation (e.g., the Research Test Submission menu above) parallels the tabs in the submission user interface. We suggest that you keep a window open for the relevant Help page as you proceed through the tabs on the submission user interface.

Research test tabs

At the bottom of each page is the button Save & Continue. If your entries on that page validate, you will be taken to the next tab. If there is a problem with how you completed a value, you will remain on the same tab.  Information will be provided to indicate what content needs to be corrected, and the type of error. If at any time you are unsure as to what information to provide in a field you can hover over the help icon (help icon) to display help information, or review the help page for the tab you are on.

Your progress through the submission process is marked as follows. If you have not 'touched' a tab yet, text and tab color remain grey. The tab you are currently processing is shown enlarged. If you have touched a tab (blue text), you can go back to it at any time to update information (Remember to click on Save & Continue before leaving the page). So in the example above, the submission process has just started, and the submitter is currently on Basics.

The table below summarizes the content included under each tab. The names in the left column are linked to the details about how to submit the data elements in that section.

Section (tab) - specific help documents (also in the Test Submission menu choices)
Basics Test name and purpose, study information, researchers and contact policy
Participation Study consent form, recruitment status and sites, and eligibility criteria
Condition Conditions/phenotypes relevant to the eligibility criteria and/or study aims for the test
Methodology Methods used and what is measured (the test targets)
Review & Submit Review your data and submit

Last updated: 2023-09-05T18:01:05Z