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How to review information in the Lab Review & Submit section of the submission form

This page is generated after you complete a pass through data entry. Here you have the opportunity to review the data content of your submission and to see how the information will appear on the GTR web site. Once you are satisfied, you can submit the data. When you reach the Review & Submit tab of your lab submission, your data are saved but not yet submitted to the GTR database. If you need to delay submission, you can return to your lab record at a later time and then submit it.

You can view the data you submitted in two ways: The Review & Submit tab displays the information you entered and you can scroll down to review the content.

To edit your lab information, click on the tab name(s) containing the relevant field(s). For example, to edit the laboratory phone number you would click on the Basics tab, scroll down the page to the phone number field, make the changes and click Save and continue at the bottom of the page.

Clicking the Submit  sends your lab record to GTR for processing. If you elected to receive notification of updates about submission status, you will receive an email in your inbox entitled Acknowledgement of your submission to GTR with information about your submission: whether your submission was processed or if problems were encountered. After you click the Submit button, you are returned to your GTR submissions homepage.

Once your lab has been approved for GTR, you will be able to register tests using one of the following submission methods:

Submission Wizard
- Human genetic tests (clinical, research)
- Microbe tests (clinical, research)

Spreadsheet templates (clinical tests only)
- Human genetic tests
- Microbe tests

API submission (clinical tests only)

Last updated: 2022-11-09T15:54:49Z