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How to submit information in the Methodology section of the submission form


To make your test more discoverable, we strongly recommend being as specific as possible in specifying what your test measures (Test targets - microbes, genes, chromosomes, proteins and analytes).  We encourage you to submit each test target separately in the test targets section. Then use the Test comment section to describe how the combination of the specific targets is evaluated. GTR users will then be able to find your test by searching on specific microbese, genes, etc. and NCBI resources such as MedGen will make more effective linkages to your submitted information.

Organization of this page

This page is organized according to the sections you see on the Methodology tab. You may click on the name of the section below to navigate to that section of this document.

Please note that most sections in the form provide tool tips, accessible by this icon (help icon), that provide hints specific to that area.

Test Method(s)

This section organizes specific fields into blocks to capture the hierarchies among methodologies and to enable the description of complex tests. Major method category, Method category, Primary Test Methodology and Instruments are grouped and numbered. You may 'add another method' if more than one group is desired or you may remove a section. Information in the Test Methods section will display in the Methodology tab of the test record.

Major method category (minimal). Choose a higher level method category from the list. Options are 'Molecular Genetics' or 'Serology'. For Serology tests, select 'Serology' Select the major method category, method category and primary methodology

Method category (minimal). Select the general category to which the method belongs.

Choices within Molecular: Mutation scanning of select exons

Mutation scanning of the entire coding region

RNA analysis

Sequence analysis of select exons

Sequence analysis of the entire coding region

Targeted variant analysis

Choices within Serology: Antibody assay

Antigen assay

Combination antibody and antigen assay

Primary Test Methodology (minimal). Provide name of the test method used in the assay e.g., RT-PCR with gel analysis, Metabolite levels, or specify a method not listed.

Instruments (recommended). Name the instrument used for a specific methodology e.g., Roche LightCycler 480, IlluminaHiSeq™2000 system, or specify an instrument not listed. Field is optional for research tests.

Platforms (optional). Select the name of a platform containing pre-defined test targets to provide methodology details and help GTR users find your test. If you use a platform not on the list, choose ‘Other’ and then provide the name. A platform name typically corresponds to a unique catalogue number or a set of catalogue numbers which are bundled with other consumables. The format is usually manufacturer name, product name, and general specifications. Field is optional for research tests.

Test procedure or protocol (optional). Summarize the methodology and describe the specific steps for each method of the assay.

Citations for test procedure or protocol (optional). Provide citations or URL for the protocol.

Confirmation of test results (recommended). Describe whether and how test results are confirmed (beyond initial validation of the assay). For example, 'Positive results are confirmed on a new DNA preparation using repeat sequence analysis'.

NOTE about research tests: Field is optional. State whether or not participants have an opportunity to learn about the results of the research test. If so, describe how participants may find out the test results, whether confirmation may be done in a clinical (e.g. CLIA-certified) lab, and whether or not there may be associated costs.

Test comment(s) (optional). Provide textual description of the test methods or any other information about your test not described elsewhere that may be useful to clinicians ordering your test.

NOTE about research tests: Use the Test comment(s) field to describe whether or not there a cost to participate in the study and if so, provide details.

Test Targets

This section is to describe the microbes and related genes, proteins or chromosomal regions, extrachromosomal elements or nucleic acid sequences that are measured in the test. At least one organism must be specified for a test. Click to add a test target.

Microbe type (minimal)

Select the microbe type from following choices.






Select the microbe name from the dropdown menu. (minimal)

Select the test target organism

Target is identified by (optional)

For each of the following sections, enter the targets one at a time. Use the plus symbol to add a new entry, and the minus symbol to remove an entry.





Chromosomal region, mitochondrion, extrachromosomal elements, nucleic acid sequences

Select the test target protein

Click 'Save Target'.

Save your work

Don't forget to save your work by clicking the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the page! If you need to interrupt or delay data entry, you can return at a later time and you will be taken to the last tab you saved.

If any required fields or data inconsistencies are detected on this page, an error message will display after you click Save & Continue indicating what the issue is. The field(s) that need attention will be outlined in red. Please correct your data and click "Save & Continue" again.

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