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Genetics and Molecular Pathology

GTR Lab ID: 506043, Last updated:2021-01-07
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Conditions and tests

  • Abortive cerebellar ataxia1 test
  • Aniridia 11 test
  • Anterior segment dysgenesis 31 test
  • Anterior segment dysgenesis 41 test
  • Anterior segment dysgenesis 61 test
  • Autosomal dominant keratitis1 test
  • Autosomal dominant optic atrophy classic form1 test
  • Avellino corneal dystrophy1 test
  • Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome type 11 test
  • Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome type 31 test
  • Cataract 401 test
  • Coloboma of optic nerve1 test
  • Congenital ocular coloboma1 test
  • Corneal dystrophy, lattice type 3A1 test
  • Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy1 test
  • Foveal hypoplasia 11 test
  • Glaucoma 1, open angle, A1 test
  • Glaucoma 3, primary infantile, B1 test
  • Glaucoma 3A1 test
  • Glaucoma, normal tension, susceptibility to1 test
  • Groenouw corneal dystrophy type I1 test
  • Hereditary hyperferritinemia with congenital cataracts1 test
  • Irido-corneo-trabecular dysgenesis1 test
  • Isolated microphthalmia 51 test
  • Isolated optic nerve hypoplasia1 test
  • L-ferritin deficiency1 test
  • Lattice corneal dystrophy Type I1 test
  • Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 14 (cardioencephalomyopathic type)1 test
  • Nance-Horan syndrome1 test
  • Nanophthalmos 21 test
  • Neuroferritinopathy1 test
  • Optic atrophy with or without deafness, ophthalmoplegia, myopathy, ataxia, and neuropathy1 test
  • Reis-Bucklers' corneal dystrophy1 test
  • Thiel-Behnke corneal dystrophy1 test

List of services

  • Clinical Testing/Confirmation of Mutations Identified Previously
  • Confirmation of research findings
  • Prenatal testing
  • Custom Sequence Analysis
  • DNA Banking
  • Maternal cell contamination study (MCC)
  • Mutation Confirmation
  • RNA Banking
  • Result interpretation

List of certifications/licenses


  • National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia, Number: 2348, Expiration date: 2016-12-31

Participation in external programs

Standardization programs

  • Mutation-specific Databases
  • Other

Data exchange Programs

  • Locus-specific Databases
  • Mutation-specific Databases

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