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Test name


Craniodysmorphology Panel (FGFR1,2,3,TWIST) (FGFR1,2,3, TWIST)

Purpose of the test


This is a clinical test intended for Help: Diagnosis



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How to order


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Specimen source

Amniotic fluid
Buccal swab
Chorionic villi
Isolated DNA
Peripheral (whole) blood
Product of conception (POC)


Molecular Genetics
ESequence analysis of select exons
Bi-directional Sanger Sequence Analysis
  • Applied Biosystems 3130 Capillary Sequencing Instrument
TTargeted variant analysis
SNP Detection
  • Restriction enzyme digestion and electrophoresis

Summary of what is tested

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Clinical utility


Establish or confirm diagnosis

Clinical validity


Incidence of mutations in the FGFR2 gene (exons 8 and 10) in Craniodysmorphology syndromes is 80%.


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