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Variants Of Unknown Significance (VUS) Policy And Interpretation

What is the protocol for interpreting a variation as a VUS? Help
All VUS's are reported
What software is used to interpret novel variations? Help
Alamut, UCSC Genome Browser, gnomAD, ESP, 1000 Genomes, PolyPhen, SIFT, AlignGVGD, and more.
What is the laboratory's policy on reporting novel variations? Help
All novel VUS's are reported
Are family members with defined clinical status recruited to assess significance of VUS without charge?Help
Yes, *Please call. Offered on a case-by-case basis.
Will the lab re-contact the ordering physician if variant interpretation changes? Help
No, Ordering provider is encouraged to periodically contact the lab to see if there is any new information available. However, if the ordering physician has GeneInsight Clinic, they may receive automatic updates on classification through that program.


Is research allowed on the sample after clinical testing is complete?Help

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