Multiple Myeloma Microarray+FISH Panel on CD138 Purified Plasma Cells
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At a Glance
Diagnosis; Prognostic; Risk Assessment
Multiple myeloma
13q-; 1p- (CDKN2C, FAM46C); 1q+ (CKS1B); 8q24 (MYC); IGH/CCND1 translocation; ...
Genes (1): Help
IGH (14q32.33)
Cytogenetics - FISH-interphase: Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH); ...
Individuals with multifocal clonal proliferation of plasma cells based on …
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Pittsburgh Cytogenetics Laboratory
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  • Health Care Provider
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Laboratory can only accept contact from health care providers. Patients/families are encouraged to discuss genetic testing options with their health care provider.
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For more information, please contact the laboratory directly.
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Test developed by laboratory (no manufacturer test name)
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Test strategy: Help
FISH analysis on a population of the CD138 positive purified plasma cells to provide diagnostic and prognostic information that is routinely used in diagnosis and risk stratification for treatment in multiple myeloma.
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Test Targets
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Total chromosomal regions/mitochondria: 9
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Total genes: 1
Gene Associated Condition Germline or Somatic Allele (Lab-provided) Variant in NCBI
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Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
Deletion/duplication analysis
Agilent SureSelect
Clinical Information
Test purpose: Help
Diagnosis; Prognostic; Risk Assessment
Target population: Help
Individuals with multifocal clonal proliferation of plasma cells based on the bone marrow analysis
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Technical Information
Test Platform:
Agilent SurePrint G3 Human CGH Microarray Kit, 2x400K
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Tests performed
Entire test performed in-house
Analytical Validity: Help
This whole genome microarray + FISH panel will detect gains, losses, and translocations involving targeted loci. This assay is sensitive to detect chromosome aberrations present in at least 30% of plasma cells expressing CD138 marker. If more information is needed, please contact the laboratory directly.
Assay limitations: Help
The low percentage of plasma cells (less than 1%) in the bone marrow aspirate may yield insufficient number of cells for FISH analysis.
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