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Test order codeHelp: MOL114

Test name


MFN2 Full Gene Sequencing Analysis

Purpose of the test


This is a clinical test intended for Help: Diagnosis



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How to order


Identify the test you need with our test name or test code search, and print the test requisition form. Request the appropriate sample collection kit from MNG, or use your own for sample collection. Ship us the sample(s) overnight—free inbound and return FedEx Priority Overnight® shipping is included with all MNG test kits and related orders. Once we receive the form and the sample(s) have been properly accessioned, we create your account, conduct the testing, and send your results through your preferred method—secure email or fax. Forms can be downloaded from: https://mnglabs.com/forms/ Kits can be requested from: https://mnglabs.com/kits/ Samples are accepted Monday thru Saturday
Order URL Help: https://mnglabs.com/

Specimen source

Peripheral (whole) blood


Molecular Genetics
CSequence analysis of the entire coding region
Bi-directional Sanger Sequence Analysis

Summary of what is tested

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Clinical utility


Not provided

Clinical validity


Not provided

Practice guidelines

  • EuroGenetest, 2010
    Clinical utility gene card for: HMSN/HNPP HMSN types 1, 2, 3, 6 (CMT1,2,4, DSN, CHN, GAN, CCFDN, HNA); HNPP

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