COR120 - Comprehensive Pharmacogenetic Test
Clinical Genetic Test
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Last updated in GTR: 2024-04-02
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At a Glance
Drug Response
Warfarin response; Alfentanil response; Alprazolam response; ...
ADRA2A (10q25.2), COMT (22q11.21), CYP2C19 (10q23.33), CYP2C9 (10q23.33), CYP2D6 (22q13.2), ...
Molecular Genetics - Targeted variant analysis: RT-qPCR
Quantigen's COR120 Comprehensive Pharmacogenetic Test is designed to provide guidance …
Genetically-guided (precision) cardiac medication prescribing is a rapidly evolving technological …
Guidance for management
Ordering Information
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  • Health Care Provider
  • Licensed Physician
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant
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Paul Childress, PhD, General and Technical Supervisor
Contact Policy: Help
Laboratory can only accept contact from health care providers. Patients/families are encouraged to discuss genetic testing options with their health care provider.
How to Order: Help
Quantigen Laboratory is reference lab that is contracted by Coriell. Coriell provided the following information: Interested individuals must complete an eligibility check and enrollment form to order a test. That enrollment form is then reviewed by an independent physician network to authorize the test. If approved, a sample collection kit …
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Pharmacogenetic Testing
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    OrderCode: ZB46Y
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Test developed by laboratory (no manufacturer test name)
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Health care provider orders test through third party. The third party uploads the requisition to the LIMs (Orchard). The patient sample and consent form is comes through the mail. The data is generated in the lab and the reports are sent through the LIMs back to the third party. The … View more
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Total conditions: 108
Condition/Phenotype Identifier
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Total genes: 10
Gene Associated Condition Germline or Somatic Allele (Lab-provided) Variant in NCBI
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Targeted variant analysis
QuantStudio 12K Flex System
Clinical Information
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Drug Response
Clinical validity: Help
Genetically-guided (precision) cardiac medication prescribing is a rapidly evolving technological frontier. It offers hope for reducing trial-and-error prescribing, thereby enhancing patient outcomes. Given the global burden of cardiovascular conditions, better therapeutic approaches are a global health and economics priority.
Clinical utility: Help
Target population: Help
Quantigen's COR120 Comprehensive Pharmacogenetic Test is designed to provide guidance to caregivers in creating and/or modifying their patient's prescription drug regimen, based on the patient's genetic status for several clinically relevant pharmacogenetics-associated genes.
Variant Interpretation:
What is the protocol for interpreting a variation as a VUS? Help

Are family members with defined clinical status recruited to assess significance of VUS without charge? Help

Will the lab re-contact the ordering physician if variant interpretation changes? Help
Yes. We are a reference contracted by Coriell. Coriell has provided the following information: Regular reassessment of genetic test results is an integral aspect of the process—it allows for the incorporation of any new research or knowledge that may impact the interpretation of the results. To this end, our system automatically … View more
Is research allowed on the sample after clinical testing is complete? Help
No, samples are stored and disposed of after a certain period of time. The samples are only used for the clinical testing.
Sample reports:
Sample Negative Report Help
Sample Negative Report

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Sample Positive Report
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Technical Information
Test Procedure: Help
The PGx testing is performed at Quantigen with the following steps: accession, sample extraction, PCR PreAmp, Dilution of PCR PreAmp & preparation of 384-well plate, load OpenArray Chip using Accufill, run OpenArray on QuantStudio 12K Flex, Genotyping-data analysis, and report generation using LIMS.
Test Platform:
Life Technologies TaqMan OpenArray MicroRNA Panels
Test Confirmation: Help
Positive predictive value, defined as the probability that subjects with a positive screening test have the disease, is not applicable re not applicable to these LDTs, as they are used only to guide drug treatments, but not to detect disease.
Test Comments: Help
The clinical characteristic most relevant to our LDTs is their predictive value for determining which patients will respond to optimized drug treatments. Currently, we utilize the clinical genomics company Translational Software (Bellvue, WA), and the Coriell Institute for Medical Research (Camden, NJ) to correlate genotypic data with clinical outcomes.
Availability: Help
Tests performed
Entire test performed in-house

Test performance comments
The entire test is performed at Quantigen.
Analytical Validity: Help
All 62 LDTs performed well in the assay validation studies. High levels of accuracy and precision were observed for all LDTs, with most displaying 100% accuracy and precision. Genetically defined reference standards were used for accuracy testing, and results generated by a partner laboratory were included for precision, further strengthening … View more
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Assay limitations: Help
This test will not detect all the known alleles that result in altered or inactive tested genes. This test does not account for all individual variations in the individual tested. Absence of a detectable gene mutation does not rule out the possibility that a patient has different phenotypes due to … View more
Proficiency testing (PT):
Is proficiency testing performed for this test? Help

Method used for proficiency testing: Help
Formal PT program

PT Provider: Help
College of American Pathologists, CAP

Description of PT method: Help
CAP routinely sends a kit with blinded samples. The samples are treated as if there were patient samples. The blinded samples are tested and reported. The results are documented in the CAP paper work and website. We receive the answers, answer the educational questions, and write a reports.

Description of internal test validation method: Help
On a semi annual basis, a set of controls are ran on all the instruments used for PGx testing. The samples are analyzed for concordance. Any discordance is documented. A report is made to show the correlation results.
Software used to interpret novel variations Help

Laboratory's policy on reporting novel variations Help
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Regulatory Approval
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Not provided
NYS CLEP Approval: Help
Number: 9406
Status: Approved
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