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How to: View genotype frequency data for a gene, disease or short genetic variation

Starting with...


  1. Search the Gene database with the gene or phenotype name. If you know the gene symbol and species, enter them as follows: hbb[sym] AND human[orgn] and click on the "Search" button.
  2. Click on the desired gene symbol to display the full record.
  3. In the list of Links on the right, click "SNP: Genotype". If the link is not present, then no genotype data are currently linked to this gene.
  4. To view a graphical summary of the genotype data for all associated variations in the gene, click one of the thumbnail images.  To view a "SNP Report" displaying the genotype data, click on the "Genotype" link and select a preferred format.


  1. Search the SNP database with an rs number, for example: rs713040.
  2. Click on the record, then scroll down to the Population Diversity section (near the bottom of the page).