HTTPS-ready Downloads

NCBI has moved all of its web sites and services, including web APIs, to HTTPS only. This change provides users with greatly increased privacy and security on the NCBI site.

The switch to https required updates to many NCBI programs that access data over the Internet. This page provides the version numbers and download links for https-ready versions of NCBI downloadable software.

Program HTTPS-ready version Download link Comment
BLAST 2.5.0
IgBLAST 1.6.1
MagicBLAST 1.1.0
SRA Toolkit Genome Analysis Toolkit version 3.6-6-ngs.1.3.0
HISAT2 version 2.0.5-ngs.1.3.0 GitHub
asn2all 14.1
asn2fsa 6.1
asn2gb 17.8
asnval 15.3
tbl2asn 25.3
Genome Workbench 2.11.5
or update in application
AptaGUI 1.4

If you have software you downloaded from NCBI that is failing because of https, and you don't see a link to the program above, please contact