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Pellagra-like syndrome

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Disease or Syndrome
Synonym: Pellagra-like rash with neurologic manifestations
Monarch Initiative: MONDO:0009844
OMIM®: 260650
Orphanet: ORPHA2837

Professional guidelines


Jugdutt BI, Watanabe M, Turner FW
Can Med Assoc J 1975 Feb 8;112(3):325-7. PMID: 1109750Free PMC Article

Recent clinical studies


Schattner A
Yale J Biol Med 1999 Jan-Feb;72(1):15-8. PMID: 10691045Free PMC Article


DiLorenzo PA
Acta Derm Venereol 1967;47(5):318-22. PMID: 4168789

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