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Temporomandibular joint crepitus

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Synonyms: Articular crepitus of temporomandibular joint; Crepitus of temporomandibular joint; Jaw joint clicking sound; Jaw joint crepitus; Jaw joint grating sound; Jaw joint noise; Jaw joint popping sound; Jaw joint sounds; Temporomandibular joint click; Temporomandibular joint clicking sound; Temporomandibular joint grating sound; Temporomandibular joint noise; Temporomandibular joint popping sound; Temporomandibular joint sounds
SNOMED CT: Articular crepitus of temporomandibular joint (298377005); Crepitus of temporomandibular joint (298377005); Temporomandibular joint click (298377005); Temporomandibular joint crepitus (298377005)
HPO: HP:0012479


Noises from the temporomandibular joint during mandibular movement (e.g., chewing). Temporomandibular joint crepitus is often described as a clicking, popping, grating sound. [from HPO]

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  • CROGVTemporomandibular joint crepitus

Professional guidelines


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Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2009 Nov;136(5):626.e1-16, discussion 626-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ajodo.2009.02.022. PMID: 19892270

Recent clinical studies


Rowane MJ, Callahan MA, Schend JE, Rowane MP, Hostoffer RW
J Osteopath Med 2023 Apr 1;123(4):195-199. Epub 2023 Jan 25 doi: 10.1515/jom-2022-0129. PMID: 36692027

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